Desktop Widget Engine

Desktop Widget Engine
Desktop Widget Engine


This webpage will give you all the information you need to know about the Desktop Widget Engine.

With the Desktop Widget Engine, you will get a very powerfull tool to enhance your desktop. With this program, you will be able to run so called "Widgets" on your desktop.

What is a widget?
Widgets are small tools which will stay on your desktop. These tools will allow you have quick access to lots of features. You can get the current memory load of your system, read the current network traffic or start quick searches on certain webpages. All that can be done on your desktop.
The big advantage is, that you do not have to open big programs only to see the latest RSS-Feeds - this all can be done with a widget. You can position the widgets everywhere on the desktop. Each widget is a seperate window which you can setup individually.

What does this program do?
Widgets are not real programs - you can not execute a widget like a normal program. Only this program can open and run a widget.